cropped-elmuralchologo512.pngThere is this mural in midtown that had me say “Wow, that’s the shit!” so then I started noticing more murals around Houston and was really fascinated by the artistry and time it takes to create one. That’s kind of why I started this website, to keep track of all the murals around Houston and it’s surrounding cities.  I wish I had the talent to create such a mural, unfortunately I don’t, but fortunately I do love sharing all the amazing artwork that makes Houston even more amazing than it already is.

I am not a professional photographer by any means so please forgive the quality of the pics. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge & Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  Color-splashed photos are provided by @jdunkf and he shoots with a Nokia 1020 & Lumia 950.  We both share the same passion for Houston Street Art!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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